Cancer and Nutrition

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Welcome to the Osher Center resource guide for Cancer and Nutrition, a resource for evidence-based nutrition guidelines regarding cancer prevention and survivorship. This comprehensive overview of dietary strategies for cancer patients draws on our review of published research, as well as books and websites on this topic.

You’ll find information on various facets of cancer and nutrition, including

  • Healthy dietary approaches for cancer patients
  • Important foods for cancer patients
  • Sample meal plans and recipes
  • Risk reduction advice by cancer type
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about cancer and nutrition
  • Reputable resources that address cancer and nutrition

The recommendations presented on this website are goals to aim for. If you are in the midst of cancer treatment, we encourage you to do the best you can to achieve these goals while recognizing that treatment-related side effects can interfere with your best efforts. Managing those side effects will take priority to some of the long-term dietary recommendations. Refer to our FAQ page for more information regarding managing treatment-related side effects with nutrition.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer and Nutrition

In our FAQ section, we provide evidence-based answers to many common questions that cancer patients have, such as the relationship between cancer and sugar, an alkaline diet, a ketogenic diet, and a paleo diet. 

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