Integrative Aging

Health & wellness care for all stages of elderhood (ages 60 and up)

Our Integrative Aging Clinic helps people live well throughout the decades and stages of life, drawing from both conventional and complementary medicine. Consultations complement primary and specialty care for older people, whether you are healthy, chronically ill, or frail. Your initial visit will include a comprehensive assessment of your health, medical conditions, medications, function, and goals, as well as of your aging-related hopes and concerns. 

Our expert practitioner, Louise Aronson, MD, provides  

  • Collaborative, holistic, individualized care 
  • A life-stage approach to aging & old age 
  • Focus on health and wellbeing in addition to disease and illness 
  • Attention to prevention, nutrition, activity, goals, and purpose 
  • Recognition of both the benefits and challenges of growing older 

Benefits of Treatment

Optimizing aging & old age
Increasing wellness
Self-care and prevention
Memory and cognition
Mobility and function
Medication management and deprescribing
Purpose and priorities

Meet Our Practitioner

Research Findings

Preparing for Your Visit

Integrative Aging care takes many forms. Some visits address one or two specific issues, while others address the person’s health and life more broadly. Some have more of a geriatrics focus, some have a more integrative focus, and most combine the two to optimize wellness and disease care. We see some patients just once or twice and others develop ongoing relationships with the clinic. During the first visit, we will be most interested in who you are and what you hope to get from the Integrative Aging practice. 

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