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Providing the highest quality healthcare by blending proven conventional and complementary medicine approaches from around the world
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The UCSF Osher Center Clinic is offering in-person and telehealth visits. Learn more on the Appointment and Clinic Information page

The Osher Center for Integrative Health is committed to providing the highest-quality healthcare by blending proven conventional and complementary medicine approaches from around the world.

Our clinical programs focus on safe and effective treatment, patient empowerment, and whole-person healing. Initial clinical evaluations, which are typically one-hour long, give our patients a chance to completely “tell their story” and establish a relationship with their practitioner. Our clinicians have training in both integrative and conventional medicine, so they can thoughtfully combine elements of these systems to offer patients a professionally guided, comprehensive approach to their health care.

We invite you to explore the integrative health services offered in our clinical practice. You can access these services directly, as determined by your individual health insurance plan, or through the UCSF self-pay option.

Care at the Osher Center is a non-PCP, consultative service. Referrals may be declined if the service is unable to meet the expectations of the patient or referring clinician. 

Our Approach to Care

Patient Experiences

Acupuncture helped me sleep again, and my blood pressure is coming down because the people at the Osher Center look at my whole lifestyle. They helped me get my body in sync and break that downward spiral of pain and despair.
Adam, Osher Center patient
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I'm so blessed that I have access to this care for my daughter because the doctors listen. They care about the parent's perspective. They're willing to think outside of the box. They're capable of explaining the risks and benefits. I feel like they're very invested in their patients.
Kaitlin, parent of Osher Center patient
I have regular visits with my oncologist here and he helps me to understand my health from both the western view and an ayurvedic perspective. It's been hugely helpful in learning to understand my body's process of dealing with illness.
Gabriel, Osher Center patient

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