Long COVID Care

Group medical visits for post-viral recover
long covid cover

This 3-visit series will provide patients with a holistic plan to promote recovery from Long COVID.  

Part 1: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lectins 

Dr. Kuon will offer some recommended foods, herbs, and supplements that can be useful for boosting the effectiveness of conventional therapies and countering some of the inflammatory effects of COVID. 

Part 2: Using Nature and Nutrients to Heal 

Plants have been used for thousands of years to prevent and cure diseases.  Dr. Kuon will review what we know and don’t know about botanical therapies, and how correcting certain nutrient deficiencies can help the body heal from Long COVID. 

Part 3: Beyond Traditional Medicine 

When should you consider complementary and alternative therapies, mind/body interventions? This session will cover the importance of stress reduction, vagal toning exercises, and the concept of pacing in graduated exercise. 


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