Ayurveda for Managing Stress & Optimizing Health

Developing Ayurvedic lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, live in harmony with your unique constitution, and enhance mind-body wellness.
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Ayurveda, the ancient health and healing system of India, has long recognized that vibrancy and well-being spring from a lifestyle attuned to one’s unique mind-body constitution, and harmonized with the cycles of nature. In such a context, one’s prana (life-force) is strong and resilient, with greater capacity to embrace and grow from challenges. This 6-week series of group medical visits is led by integrative physician Dr. Sudha Prathikanti, and offers participants an overview of ayurveda and its approach to cultivating prana and whole-person health thru simple but profound lifestyle choices. With guidance from Dr. Prathikanti, each participant will first learn their own mind-body constitution, and then develop a personalized Ayurvedic lifestyle plan for decreasing stress and promoting balance and health. Participants also have an opportunity to share methods for nourishing and sustaining attention to self-care amidst the demands of modern life.  

Session 1: Introduction to Ayurvedic constitution; each participant completes mind-body analysis  

Session 2: Identify mind-body constitution for each participant  

Session 3: Daily and seasonal routines, with attention to each person’s constitution  

Session 4: Food and spices for healing, with attention to each person’s constitution  

Session 5: Personalized yoga and meditation practices for staying in balance   

Session 6:  Review and wrap-up, with strategies for staying on track  


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