Mindfulness Practices to Promote Health During Cancer Treatment

Exploring mind-body practices and fostering community during cancer care
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This series of four weekly group medical visits is designed to support people in treatment for cancer (or on a break from treatment) and their loved ones. Integrative oncologists Dr. Chloe Atreya and Dr. Kavita Mishra focus on how to make transformational lifestyle changes to promote health and well-being using mindfulness-based, mind-body medicine approaches. These evidence-based practices, recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Society for Integrative Oncology, American Society of Clinical, and the American Cancer Society, can help alleviate common symptoms such as anxiety, depression, eating challenges, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and pain. Each session will include teaching, experiential practice, time for discussion and individual consultations.

Session 1: Mindfulness Practices for Emotional Regulation

Session 2: Mindful Eating

Session 3: Meditative Movement 

Session 4: Mind-body Practices for Fatigue and Sleep


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