Alumni Sit (Online)

The Osher Center hosts free drop-in meditation sessions that meet weekly. This is a great way to renew your practice and be in community with other sincere mindfulness practitioners. These weekly drop-in refresher sessions are offered free of charge and to anyone who has ever completed a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course at the Osher Center or elsewhere. Come and join us when you can.  

Fee: Free

Location: Online

Registration: Click here to register for the free online Zoom Sit

Prerequisite: Completion of a previous MBSR class

Contact for questions or accommodation requests: Call 415-353-7718.

Flexible Savings Account (FSA)

Have any unused FSA funds to use by the end of the year? Our MBSR program may qualify for FSA reimbursement. To request an itemized receipt, please call 415-353-7718.

Alumni Discount

UCSF Osher Center MBSR program alumni are eligible for a $35 discount when you sign up for a new class. To receive the discount, please call 415-353-7718 with your request and the MBSR class you are interested in.

Day of Mindfulness Retreats

MBSR Alumni are welcome to attend the all-day retreats of a different cohort with the permission of the instructor. Please call 415-363-7718 at least two weeks before the retreat date to share your request. To view a schedule of upcoming all-day retreats, please view our schedule on our UCSF Osher MBSR webpage.

Community Care Fund (CCF)

With your support, we can provide more opportunities for our community to participate in our MBSR program through our Community Care Fund (CCF), a limited-assistance program developed for economically disadvantaged individuals. To learn more, visit

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