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Our goal is to create future integrative medicine leaders to improve health and well-being for all people through care, research, and education.

We are committed to providing the highest quality integrative medicine education and training to current and future healthcare practitioners, researchers, and educators. We specialize in teaching, curriculum development, mentoring, leadership, and educational research. 

We believe that improving health and well-being for both patients and practitioners requires knowledge of the most current research and evidence-based practices; skill in connecting with people to provide relationship-centered care; and a commitment to self-care. 

We recognize that wellness and illness are shaped by the contexts of people’s lives. We must also be aware of and respond to the social, behavioral, and economic factors that influence health and health care. 

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I'm inspired to use my hands as new tools in the healing process. I love the warmth I feel in my hands after I give a massage. This class has given me new tools to provide deep healing.
First-year medical student, Massage and Meditation course
In giving us the tool of ethnographic assessment of healing modalities, [the instructor] gave us a framework with which to approach each new practitioner and their art/science.
Fourth-year medical student, Culture and Integrative Medicine course
The TRIM fellowship gave me the support to develop independent research interests that strengthened what I learned in graduate school and set me on the path to becoming an independent investigator.
Helen Y. Weng, PhD, Core Research Faculty, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
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