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Predictors of Outcomes in MBSR Participants from Teacher Factors (PrOMPT)

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Teacher skills are widely regarded as critical to the quality of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs), but we lack data about which teacher skills matter in MBI. Without better definition of how to measure teacher skills and which skills influence participant outcomes, a central mechanism of MBI effects remains a “black box.” Defining which teacher-related factors can be feasibly measured and shown to predict participant outcomes is important in selection of teachers for MBI research studies and monitoring of intervention delivery quality, and for strengthening teacher training for research and clinical programs. 

We aim to address this critical gap in MBI research through testing the planned outcome measures, the teacher-rating scheme, and study procedures in preparation for a large-scale R01 study. In this R34, we plan to enroll 19 mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teachers and approximately 200 MBSR participants enrolled from the teachers’ classes. If successful, this line of research will open up a key “black box” in MBI research and provide tools with broad applicability to a range of future research.

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