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LILA: Lessening Incontinence through Low-impact Activity

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Do you have frequent unwanted urine leakages?

Researchers are running a study to better understand how to treat urinary incontinence.

What are we studying?

The LILA Study (Lessening Incontinence through Low-impact Activity) is a randomized trial of a group-based yoga practice program versus physical conditioning program for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

What does this involve?

Participation in this study includes up to 3 in-person study visits and up to 6 video/phone visits over 9 months. We have offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and Redwood City. 

You will also be asked to:

  • Answer questionnaires
  • Attend online, interactive yoga or physical conditioning classes led by a trained instructor 2 times a week, for 12 weeks

You may receive up to $125 in gift cards and help with parking costs.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are a woman, at least 45 years old
  • Frequently experience unwanted urine leakages (e.g. daily)
  • Have a video-enabled device, such as an iPad, tablet, or laptop
  • Have broadband internet connection


  • UCSF Mount Zion or Oakland: Please leave a message at (415) 885-7547 or email [email protected]
  • Stanford University: Please call (650) 724-7826 or email [email protected]

Study Investigators:


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